Passwords that are Unforgettable


Want Passwords that are Unforgettable?

Coming up with effective passwords is a challenge. You will find it difficult to strike a balance between passphrases you can remember and those that are complex enough to be secure. Have you compromised your security by either writing down a list of your passwords someplace handy, or by using the name or birth date of a child or some such in your security credentials? In the first case, someone physically on your site can find your list. Then, in the second case, a hacker can a run a database against your security credentials. Such a hacker’s database will include all possible dates.

For more security, try pressing a complex key pattern on your keyboard. For example: “9ol.3edc2wsx0p;/5tgb“. This is a 20 key pattern based on a 5 character ZIP code. I created it by starting with each ZIP code number and proceeding diagonally down toward the right, for the next three characters on my keyboard. Such patterns are pretty easy to remember, since you must remember only the Key and Direction. With enough keys pressed you should achieve good security.

Password Caveats:

Hackers may run a Password Database against your security credentials. Such databases will probably ‘understand’ all possible dates. Therefore dates alone are not very secure. Even a simple keyboard pattern will likely be solved by a hacker’s  database. For instance, “12345678” is a very common (and therefore insecure) password. As usual, the more characters you use, the more secure. In my bold text example above, the weakness is in the fact that I used a keyboard pattern. That’s why a starting pattern “Key” that you can easily remember, such as a ZIP code, is the basis of a more secure keyboard pattern password.

Here is a handy tool for testing your security. You should NOT use it for your actual final password, but only to test examples of the method you will use to create your final password.

Password Vaults:

You can purchase a “Password Vault” inexpensively. This security product will store all your passwords securely and you’ll only need to remember the single one that opens your vault.

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