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Website color schemes

Website Color Can Hurt Sales

Website Color Problems Those of you who follow my writings on website visual marketing know I'm a huge fan of … [More...]

Web page color

Web Page Color

How web page color is used on  sales pages Here’s my list: 1. Text backgrounds With web page color, the trick is to … [More...]

Visual Communication

Website Visual Communication

A picture is worth 1,000 words - really? Research shows that Visual Communication can persuade people in ways words never … [More...]

Don't cut marketing during a recession.

Recession = Opportunity

How is a Great Recession a Great Opportunity? Because in a recession some of your competitors will cut their spending: They'll … [More...]

facebook shares

Facebook Shares from Images

Sherpa Report: Informal Study: Professional image content generates 121% more Facebook shares Granted, a 121% boost is no one's … [More...]

Hue, Value and Saturation each form an axis

Website Color Schemes

Wondering about site color schemes? Is there really a best set of web colors? Color Preferences House Beautiful Magazine … [More...]

Readable text over image - 1

Text Tricks 1 – Text over Pictures

Text over a picture: How to Make it Readable Make text readable: When text is layered over a … [More...]

Image search

Site traffic from Image Search

Google Image Search can bring you traffic Lots of people use Google Image search and follow the … [More...]

Image file format - pixels full size

Image File Formats

Image file formats - Introduction You ever confused about image file formats? Me neither. But if … [More...]

Animate with VideoScribe

Animation with VideoScribe

[jwplayer mediaid="3008"] VideoScribe by Sparkol makes it quite easy to produce your own "drawing … [More...]


WordPress Plugins – My Favorites

Here you can view or download a PDF list of my favorite Plugins For WordPress. I use these all the … [More...]


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