Want a New Computer Graphics Challenge?

Try the Unity Game Engine for a new computer graphics challenge

If you like to make digital art (e.g. computer graphics), why not try your hand at a 2D or 3D game?  You may find that creating a game is as much fun as playing it. There’s even a free version of the Unity Game Engine! And it comes with an example game to show you how it’s done.

Game Code?
While it’s true that creating a computer game could be scary for non-programmers, the sample game code available with your download is a good start. And if you’re a mostly visual design worker looking for an opportunity to get into coding, this is a sensible path.

Also check out the free graphics assets available from the Unity website. I downloaded a nice Lunar Lander 2D graphic from NASA for my first game – a simple 2D planetary landing simulator.

There are several videos and other helpful docs on the “Learning” page of the Unity website.

Into Quality 3D Natural Scenes?unity-quality1 Unity supports near photo-real  scenes in both 2D and 3D formats.

Share or Sell
You can also share your games on the Unity website, once you’ve gotten some results from your game creation efforts. And that’s not all. If you create 2D or 3D game graphics, you can sell those.

Go Pro?
When you’re ready for the full-powered pro version, there are several pricing options here. There’s also a load of paid professional tools to assist, as you advance your skills.

Got computer savvy kids?
Treat them to computer game development as a potential hobby – one that’s sure to boost their creativity, in a way that makes learning a blast.

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